Pitaya™ is the easy and effective way to

manage your retail business

Empower your existing security and inventory hardware with computer vision paired with ethically and responsibly executed generative AI. Provide your teams with customer behavior insights, shrink mitigation strategies, supply chain predictions, associate support, and much more.

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What is Pitaya for

Pitaya for Asset Protection

Leverage your existing cameras to detect potential theft, fraud, liabilities, and infrastructure damage before it can impact your bottom line while protecting customers with GDPR PII privacy compliance.

  • Teach Old Cameras New Tricks!
  • Computer Vision / Customer Description
  • Behavioral Anomaly Detection
  • Missing Object Detection and Identification
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Pitaya for Workplace Safety

The dangers lurking in physical spaces are myriad, expensive, and seemingly unpredictable until Pitaya came along. Best of all, your data is stored locally and securely on premises.

  • Dwell Detection
  • Object Detection
  • CV Description
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Pitaya for Customer Experience

Personalize customer journeys, ensure stock levels meet demand, and mobilize staff when needed.

  • Facial Recognition
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Pitaya for Digital Auditing

By integrating your POS systems, supercharging inventory management through AR mobile capture, and using object detection to mitigate OOS and lost sales, retailers can deliver an ideal store experience.

  • Category OOS via Object Detection
  • Product OOS via AR Mobile Capture
  • Store Integration
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Smarter Retail with Pitaya

More efficient retail operations driven by actionable insights covering everything from stock levels to potential theft to automation.

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28% More efficient associates!

Automate away redundant tasks, delegate critical duties, support loss prevention teams, and deliver insights in real-time alerts so associates act with guidance and confidence.

1 Day installation?!

Big operations, small operations, no matter the scale you'll be up and running with Pitaya in minimal time, eliminating needless disruption and supercharging your operations sooner.

7 Days a week, support is there.

Our team of retail AI experts are there to help you seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you’re open, we’re open.

Our Partners

Join the retail, CPG, QSR, and logistics leaders who have partnered with us to develop the first product of its kind to hit the market with a cost-efficient solution that is posed to be the leading AI solution for the retail industry.

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